PUGA® Polyurethane

Other products which we can design and manufacture include:

1. Abrasion resistant and protective elements:

  • nozzles, hydro-cyclones,
  • strips, plates,
  • rakes and scrapers
  • hoppers, drain channels, chutes, bucket conveyors,
  • pump elements: rotors, hull liners and stub pipes,
  • external layers for treads and feet of construction machinery,
  • smooth coats and rings for rollers
manufactured from a specially chosen abrasion resistant PUGA® polyurethane. These products are characterised by their successful application in the processing of loose materials (segregation, mixing, dosage, processing and transport), protecting device elements against wear (excessive abrasion) and corrosion.

2. Sealing elements:

  • reactor sealing,
  • sealing rings for power hydraulics,
  • flat seals,
where polyurethane is used as a sealing material if the operating conditions are hard (operating pressure below 20 MPa, variable speeds, constant operation, high degree of operating medium).

3. Amortisation elements:

  • elastic clutch inserts,
  • springs,
  • silentblocks,
  • suspensions, airbags, bumpers, buffers,
which: absorb shocks, dampen vibrations and impacts, position elements, accumulate and release elastic energy.

4. Composite goods, where polyurethane is permanently connected with rubber, plastics (PA, PP, PE, POM, PTFE), ceramic and other materials.

5. Replacement parts of machines and devices:

  • covers,
  • rollers,
  • bushings,
  • shafts and coupling bolts
  • fittings,
they provide the durability and extended lifetime of these elements, minimising machine and device downtimes related to repairs.