PUGA® Polyurethane

Gasket Sp. z o.o. company developed and implemented a technology of using PUGA® material for coating metal pipes from inside and outside.PUGA®.

This technology enabled us to perform elements of pipe installations, such as:

  1. Pipes (straight connections)
  2. Elbows/bends
  3. T-fittings
  4. Reducers and nozzles
  5. Flexible and transparent compensators and joints
  6. Distributors
"Based on the analysis of performed research, experiments and tests, we can specify the following advantages of using internal PUGA® polyurethane coating:

  • abrasion resistance - increased pipe life and corrosion protection during the operation ensures a long usage period without failures or repairs,
  • obtaining perfectly smooth pipe surface with a low roughness level, which prevents adhesion of the transported medium to the walls, which perfectly lowers friction by lowering line and local losses during the flow,
  • enhancement of pipeline capacity,
  • enhancement of pipeline chemical resistance to petroleum product media based on hydrocarbons: kerosene, petrol, crude oil, oils and lubricants,
  • reduced contamination - elimination of corrosion and scale which take place in "bare" metal pipes, which enhances the chemical purity of the transported medium,
  • reduction of noise as well as energy damping and dissipation of the dynamic reaction of pipeline stream,
  • lowered operation costs in pipeline transport.
Our unique technology also allows for the assembly of pipes and installation elements without additional gaskets!